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  I dunno.

There are some great bisexual resources out there - well designed, comprehensive, informative - and lots of stimulating debate about theory and practice. This here's only the take of an out-and-out gay man who one day found himself in love with a woman...

Most of the theory goes over my head. I just like this sudden sense of connecting - to a wider world of fun, passion, discovery, sexual adrenaline and possibilities. The point about bisexuality, a friend told me, is that you're asking something other than "What sex is this person?"

Dead right. Not so much seeking another patch of turf to defend - or 'community' to belong to - but a wider, more univeral freedom from blinkers, preconceptions and definitions. We have common cause with other marginals - the androgynous, transsexuals, transvestites, hermaphrodykes, drag queens, drag kings, leather folk, fetishists, the sisters of perpetual indulgence... whoever.

Why not join forces to embrace and celebrate that diversity - and blow away the notion that "being bi" is some kind of timid, closety attempt to cling onto respectability. The hell with respectability...

Together we can make
  A Bigger Splash