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A Bigger Splash?
Independent article
Bi Community News
Bi Curious?
Glad To Be Gay
Having It Both Ways
Compilation Album
Radio Programmes
Getting Bi
The Stonewall Riots
Queer Media Coverage
Hide Your Love Away
Glad To Be Gay website
Bisexuality, Dating etc
TR home pages
Twitter The Bisexual Index BiNet USA Bi Community News Bi resource
community for bisexual men women & couples
the bisexual index
UK based resource centre
Bi Net USA
American umbrella organization
bi community news
Britain's biggest selling bisexual magazine
comprehensive bi resources edited by Robyn Ochs
Bisexual Options Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory BiFlag Cake - bi site for women
American Instute Of Bisexuality
Founder: Dr Fritz Klein
web portal for the UK's bisexual community
professionals sensitive to the
unique needs of bisexual clientele
bisexual and bisexual pride flag news
safe, comfortable environment for bi women
BI CUPID Gender Equality Gaydar Peter Tatchell Advice On Coming Out
bi cupid
dating for bi and bi-curious singles and couples
gender equality
in education and the workplace: an australian story
for same-sex contacts
'what you want, when you want it'

bisexual passions
100% FREE bisexual dating & social networking

coming out
Hampshire guide for gay & bisexual men
Peter Tatchell Stephen Fry letter Sue George's blog Jay Spears - Boy Howdy Joseph Galliano blog
peter tatchell
on why bi is just fine with him
stephen fry
dear me: letter to his 16-year old self
sue george
bisexual blogger, author and journalist
jay spears
great queer songwriter - huge fun
joseph galliano
queer author, blogger & journalist
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